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Institute for Habits of Mind

Words Glow ... Mind Grow

Words Glow ... Mind Grow

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From the foreword by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick:

The intent of fostering the habits of mind in young children is to guide them on a journey towards self-efficacy- their belief in their own abilities to deal successfully with challenging situations and to achieve their goals in life. When confronting difficult situations and dealing with ambiguities we must pay attention to the words we use and the dialogue inside our head. This book stresses the power of a positive inner voice.

The beauty of a young child venturing into the world of possibilities hopefully will lead them to the classroom of Laura Lee Fitzpatrick where she takes the hand of every child and helps them find the words that build the habits of mind. In this book, she demonstrates what it means to be thinking flexibly as they substitute some negative presuppositions into positive ones. She helps students find the words that will continuously reinforce the best that they can be as persistent problem solvers and effective collaborators.

As you read this book with children, help them see which habits they are building when they use the positive words as self-talk.

Words Glow, Minds Grow is a perfect read aloud as well as one that you can put on students' playlists on their hand held devices. Laura Fitzpatrick has captured the essence of the Habits of Mind in a beautifully written book that her students— and we are certain your students— will love!

We are never too young to learn the power of positive thinking. Teach youngsters about affirmations! Stand in front of a mirror together and practice making "I am…" statements. I bet you’ll giggle! It may feel funny to talk to yourself in the mirror, but children will learn that the words that follow "I am..." can shape your day and your outlook!
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