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Institute for Habits of Mind

Leading Learning Organizations with Habits of Mind

Leading Learning Organizations with Habits of Mind

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Watch the dynamics of a vibrant organization and you will observe that there are commonalities below the surface of the productivity. This e-book aims to capture those common skills and processes through a set of dispositions, 16 Habits of Mind, that will operationalize your commitment to communication, problem solving, cooperation, and innovation today and in the future.

The purposes of this book are as follows:

  • To provide support for businesses, schools and corporate organizations as they transform themselves from "business as usual" to modern organizations that desire to grow, to create new and improved products and processes, and to sustain themselves over time.

  • To support the concept of businesses becoming learning organizations. We used to think that having a defined amount of content knowledge prepared people to enter a career and to be productive. Given the volatility of change, modern organizations realize that they must become communities of continuous learning that includes both mental and emotional resources.

  • To describe, define and provide examples of self-directed leadership as self-managing, self-monitoring, self-modifying, monitoring others and managing others.

  • To provide a set of 16 dispositions referred to as "Habits of Mind" that can pervade the language and culture of the learning organization, the dispositions that leadership embodies, and the decision-making and problem-solving competencies of all members.

By Arthur L. Costa, Ed.D. and Bena Kallick, Ph.D with a foreword from Richard Sheridan.

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