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Developing Academic Groups Toolkit

Developing Academic Groups Toolkit

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How might we build the competence and confidence of our learners to support and challenge one another with learning academic content?

This toolkit provides an approach to learning academic content through collaboration by providing a safe space for learners to struggle, express vulnerabilities, leverage their own learning through coaching others and support the success of each individual in the group.

Within each P&P (process and practice), one or two paragraphs clarify the rationale as to why this practice or process is valuable for engaging your learners. We then identify targeted connections to The Framework to make it more manageable and actionable so that the four attributes, elements of personalized learning and Habits of Mind can be explicitly taught and learned. In addition, we have included connections to SEL competencies.

1. Planning for Academic Groups

This practice supports necessary planning to set up academic groups of 3-4 learners who work and grow together over an extended period of time.

2. Establishing the Culture of Academic Groups with Learners

In order to define, nurture, and build positive relationships in academic groups, we outline three key practices: building relationships, setting norms, and providing opportunities to practice.

3. Building Communication Routines to Increase Autonomy

This practice encourages the use of learner-led routines to grow the autonomy and effective communication of academic groups.

4. Monitoring and Modifying Effectiveness of Groups

This practice focuses on learners’ monitoring their work together and considering possible next steps to grow effective with their academic group.

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